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Saturday, April 21, 2007


A colourful post box. In our more rural areas, each farm or home has a mailbox on the road in front of their property. This saves the post man having to treck up to each farm house. They can be in many different styles and colours.
The horses seem to be enjoying the sunshine.


Anonymous said...

We also have these in rural areas, Susan, and in cities in different communities they also have them so the mailman can drive around and deliver the mail.

Here, the rural mailboxes are battered down by kids with baseball bats. And they also put those big firecrackers in them and blow them apart. It is a federal crime but I have never seen anybody punished.

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Annie said...

Here in Little Rock many neighborhood mailboxes are located on the street. The mail deliverer comes by in his/her little car. It's the newspaper, though, that is still brought to the door.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

In rural areas where I live, there are communal mailboxes, our mail site has close to 60 boxes, I will post a pic in the next few days