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Thursday, October 4, 2007

First Snow

This morning the clouds lifted for the first time in a few days. The air has had a cool snap to it. When I glance out of my kitchen window this morning, I was delighted to see the Golden Ears Mountains have received their first dusting of snow. They looked magnificent peeking out between the clouds and lit up by the sun. Our mountains are always a grand sight, but with a little snow upon their peaks, they are breathtaking.
This photo was taken from my winter files, as I did not have a chance to shoot this morning.


photowannabe said...

What a view to see from your window. I would never get tired of it.
I can't believe that snow is just around the corner for some. All we will get is rain.

duopastorale said...

You see that from your kitchen!! I'm green. It's fantastic.

lv2scpbk said...

Beautiful shot but I'm not anxious for snow yet.