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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Morning Glory

The Golden Ears Mountains, taken from my kitchen window in East Maple Ridge. These are the same peaks pictured in the Header at the top of the page, which was shot from Pitt meadows, just West of Maple Ridge. These hills really do live up to their name and glow golden and often pink when the sun hits them just right.
When the clouds lift after days of rain down here, we are treated to a light dusting of snow. This time last year... there was much heavier snow right down in the foothills.


Unknown said...

You are so privileged with this view from your kitchen window. What is the distance from Maple Ridge to the Golden Ear mountains Susan? I have no idea and can not find it in Google Earth.

Hilda said...

Beautiful! What a view from your kitchen window!

Susan said...

Herman, to answer your question, These mountains are in Golden Ears Provincial Park. The park gate is 11km north of here. THen a further 7cm to where the trail starts to hike up the peaks. The largest of these peaks is named Mount Blanchard.
Our sons enjoy this hike. it is several hours on a decent trail to the Alpine Flats, then from there it is very rough challenging terrain. They usually camp at the flats over night and climb the peak the next day. These photos are taken of the south face.On the north face, there is glacial snow, which makes climbing interesting year round. Some parts are too difficult to get through until late summer. Last year we had so much snow, they didnt climb all the way to the top last summer.

Susan said...

OOPS thats 7km... not 7cm! hehehe.

Leif Hagen said...

Magnificent Maple Ridge! That's a million $$ view!

Jan said...

Love the way you capture the mountains! Beautiful!