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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Barn in the gloom.

Earlier in the day, the clouds lifted to reveal fresh snow on the hills. Now, they are once again, draped in mist and cloud.


Stine in Ontario said...

Actually, I very much like the mist in this shot. I also like the shape of the barn's roof.

micki (MVision Photography) said...

you have a wonderful blog. Love your pictures.

MTBRogue said...

Thanks for these posts... I chanced on your picts cos i was searching for more info on Maple Ridge cos I was thinking of moving there. Do you live there? Appreciate any feedback about the life there. Thank you.

Lisa said...

Beautiful.. Just Beautiful

I came from Lady P.. Im new to blogger but not new to blogging.
Nice to see your blog and view.
I too am from Canada.

dc said...

I love your old buildings. Someday I would love to travel around and photograph old barns and silos