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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cranberry Bogs

Maple Ridge, in recent years has become home to many Cranberry farms. The fields are diked on all sides. To harvest the berries, the fields are flooded and the berries float up off their stems. Then the farmers scoop up their crops with large nets. There is an extensive system of irrigation and drainage in place. The red huts, house the irrigation pumps. This particular bog is located at the north end of 224th Street. Two weeks ago, Maple Ridge experienced severe flooding in this area, and this area was underwater. Far in the distance you can see Burke Mountain which is in Port Coquitlam, the town west of the Pitt River.


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Welcome to the world of two blogs, I Look often at Hyde Daily Photo

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Im back, had a disturbance, Hyde Daily Photo is near Manchester in England and the owner, gerald England looka at my blog and send emails to me.
I have lots of pics for my Hope Princeton Blog so can put lots of pictures up now

Bobbie said...

Great idea for a photo blog Susan, since you take such gorgeous photos of our town. It inspired me to put a new section on my sidebar.

Ham said...

Hi susan and welcome aboard! Great shots - over here it is so warm that snow seems a far away dream (even for the alps where I hope to ski in a few weeks time, unfortunately)

Be interesting to see the ame view in bloom!

Carlos Lorenzo said...

Fantastic pictures. I like that soft light and the perspective of those red huts. On top of all that, you are a good narrator so everything is perfect! Welcome to DP.-)

edwin s said...

hello susan and welcome to the DP family! thanks for the snow. i really miss it. till tomorrow.

Lisi said...

Hello Susan, greetings from HK and welcome to the DP family...How nice to have another member from BC :) I used to live nearby in Vancouver!

kaa said...

welcome to DP. greetings from vantaa, finland. nice to see some snow. first snow here all melted and it's kinda dark without snow.

Anonymous said...

Sound much like our herring fishing here on the east coast...cranberry fishing hehe.
Thanks for the new site Susan. I'll be back here often.