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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ice Cream Shop

Despite the turn in the weather, Marina's Gelato on 224th street, continues to do a roaring business in Ice Cream sales. This grandfather is creating memories that will last this little girl a life time. When she is a grandparent herself, she will fondly recall the times her Grandpa took her to the ice cream parlor. I know I cherish my own such memories.
My favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip....What's your favorite flavour?


Anonymous said...

I really have a taste for "good" chocolate ice cream. It is almost impossible to find anywhere in any brand here in the US but I keep looking.

You are right about the memories. My mom used to take me to the Dairy Maid milk plant where they sold ice cream in dishes or in cones and hand dipped. Oh it was very good and the smells were wonderful.

Kate said...

A sweet generational picture that speaks volumes by itself. Anything with chocolate in it!!

Neva said...

I am a boring girl...vanilla. I love the picture.