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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Twinkley Trimmings on the Trees in Town

Today is ABC Wednesday featuring the letter 'T'.
Sorry this is a bit blurry, I should have used a tripod. But I still like the picture.
This is Memorial Peace Park on Saturday night, after the Christmas parade.


Janet said...

I like those blue lights...making a calming Christmas color.

ro_pumpkin said...

nice . why are people so fascinated with lights ? christmas lights ? hahaha . always a good subject for nice pics . tks

photowannabe said...

Great T post. I like the twinkling trimmings.

Neva said...

Very nice blue lights! pretty picture!

Kerri Farley said...

Those lights are beautiful....and I love the earlier post of the parade also. My night/low light shots NEVER look good....yours look GREAT!

NorthBayPhoto said...

Beautiful photo. I really like the look of these blue lights.