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Monday, April 21, 2008

Haney Hawgs (EDITED)

After a couple of comments to this post I feel I must apologize for having misinformed my readers of the nature of this building.
I have not actually ever been in this building. I had always just thought it was a pub.
I stand corrected via a couple of commenters that it is in fact not a licenced establishment. My apologies if my assumption caused any inconvenience to anyone.
The old building itself, from what I have seen on the outside, is well maintained and quite attractive.

The local watering hole for the Maple Ridge Chapter of Hells Angels. Named Haney Hawgs for the old part of town which is called Haney.


Mark said...

Wonderful photos

I hope you enjoyed your time in Edmonton

Anonymous said...

Did you know it's called Haney after T.A. Haney, Customs Officer in the district in 1930 and 1931?

Anonymous said...

Watering hole - you mean where they drink beverages and hang out? This where they sell t-shirts, tatoos and bike parts! There is no liquor license there.

Susan said...

Thanks Anonymous for the correction. I had always thought this was a pub!

minusten said...

Maybe if you had gone in you would of knowen this. In fact the building is a old bank i think Bank of montreal or something

Anonymous said...

watering hole what the hell?

Anonymous said...

this is a hells angels building. note the red and white paint job. lots of angels hang out there

Anonymous said...

Haney Hawgs is in Hammond not Haney. Haney is past 216th street. It is a motorcycle shop and prior to 1992 it was the Bank of Montreal Hammond branch.

Anonymous said...

if u own you're own busines can u invite u're friends for a cold one's not ilegal is it

Anonymous said...

well i rember it where i was abel to buy my 666 lothing thats gotten old lost given away anenow i raely miss the touck,sweets
realy miss the longsleeve
ride safe

Gordon p said...

October 1919 the building was designed to be built as the Hamilton Bank