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Friday, December 19, 2008


HI THERE, WELCOME BACK. Please take a seat, there is loads of room here on this nice bench! Are you keeping warm where you are? Are you all ready for Christmas? If you are one of those sickening people who finished Christmas shopping in July, then I dont want to know about it!

The Fraser is frozen. Not completely. It looks like a huge margarita. Sort of icey and slushy and crusty around the edges. Anyone have a big straw? The ice has actually broken up now and is flowing along on the current.
The ferry is back in operation, but only one is running usually two run at the same time. One in either direction. They are only operating in daylight hours, to be able to maneuver through the ice safely. So all those early morning commuters had to traverse the highway. The paper reported that this is the first time in seven years that there has been enough ice to shut down the ferry This is quite a novelty for us Lotus Land dwellers. Last spring when we were out in Edmonton, Alberta, their river was so frozen solid that cars were driving on it!


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Jane Hards Photography said...

That is just beautiful.

Lexie said...

pretty! thanks for the comment!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, that is cold for Lotus Land!
Of course here we are used to frozen bodies of water, oh and lots of snow!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these nice photos