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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FOUND black cat

This fellow has made a home for himself in my back garden and deck. I livein the area of Greenwell and 122 ave. in Maple Ridge.

All black male short hair cat.

He arrived last week while we were away. We keep a dish of food out for one of our cats and he has been helping himself. He is very thin. Washes regularly and is very clean. Appears healthy but is quite thin.

He has a tatoo in his ear which was traced to a vet ib North Van. However they say this cliente has not been in their office for quite some time and their phone number is not in service.

He is so cute and friendly. Some body must be missing him.

If you recognize this cat please conact me at ksstcyr at


Susan said...

Still has not been claimed. Looks like we,ve got ourselves a 4th cat! But he is NOT coming in the house!

Unknown said...

On facebook, just open an account based on lost pets in b.c. trying to spread the word. I lost my cat on August 5,2011. Facebook: LOST AND FOUND IN BRITISH COLUMBIA(like to spread the word) Thank you and good luck

Leeds daily photo said...

I hope that they come forward. He looks a fine cat deserving of a good home, nice to see you have welcomed him.
Paul at Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography