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Friday, August 3, 2007

Fern Seeds

Taken in Golden Ears Provincial Park, a few minutes drive from my house. The forest floor is carpeted with huge ferns which are full of seed just now. I was there with my dad. We had taken two carloads of boys up there to hike. The top of the mountain is still not safely accessable, due to snow. We have never seen snow stay so low on the mountain this late in the summer!


photowannabe said...

Ferns are so beautiful and full of detail. I have always liked the way they look when sun filters through them. Nice capture of the seeds.

Anonymous said...

Interesting photo. I used to have some ferns but something eventually got to them. They were planted with some large hostas and did well for a number of years and then just failed to reappear.

Are your ferns old?

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Kate said...

My neighbor has ferns like these; now I need to check them to see if they, too, have seeds. Like the detail of your photo.

Annie said...

That's pretty, those seeded ferns with the sun shining through. I hope your walk was full of other delightful sights like this.

Anonymous said...

is that edible kind? I used to trek high in the mountains looking for the edible kind. it's great for salads :)