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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ABC Wednesday - H

H is for HUGS.

This is my niece Kayla. She is 17.

For two years she has been fighting cancer.

She has been told there is no further treatment for her.
We will all need lots of hugs in the next few months!
These young ladies were at the fair offering free hugs. It did make our day!


Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I give free hugs, but dont get many takers, not sure why.
I am sure your trip was worthwhile and good for Kayla's moral.

Kim said...

Yay for free hugs. I'll take one, too! I took my last one from a guy at the Market when my husband was ill. Oh Susan, just looking at Kayla makes me smile and tears to come also. So bittersweet. I hope she finds much to be joyful about and that you all will hug each other a lot in the coming months.
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Neva said...

I hope your niece finds much joy as well and I will say a prayer for is a great picture.....lots of free hugs from here!

RuneE said...

Give her a BIG ug from me - I know what it is like to have a serious diagnosis.

Keep it up!

photowannabe said...

Hugs from me too Susan. Its nice that you can surround her with love and hugs. She has a beautiful smile.

Dina said...

A sunny hug coming all the way from the middle of the mediterranean from a small island called Malta. TO YOU KAYLA xxxxx