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Monday, May 7, 2007

Missing you

Where oh where could my master be?

The dog has been almost as forlorn as myself while hubby has been away. Counting down the hours now!


lv2scpbk said...

What a wonderful photo. So cute.

Anonymous said...

I smiled from ear to ear when I looked at this photo. Beautiful.

I got to fly last night. I mean I just dove in and flew. You can find out how on my blog post today.

Janet said... sweet! Looks like a Springer Spaniel. We had three Brittany Spaniels a long time ago. They are great dogs.

Fay said...

When I clicked to enlarge the photo... could the dog have been crying?!

Chris said...

What a wonderfully expressive dog! Beautiful photo - I like your blog & your style of photography.

My first visit here; we have something in common - English expats photographing our adopted city - come visit mine in Wisconsin! - chris

Annie said...

Oh, that is one "best friend".

Bitterroot said...

Utterly soulful.