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Thursday, May 10, 2007

sit spot

My sitting spot. This is the place on our back deck that catches the last of the evening sun.

I could sit here dreaming for hours. Listening to the birds and the local children at play.


riniroo said...

Looks like a lovely spot. I love creating "spaces" around the house for my family to enjoy.

Kate said...

Your "sit spot" is truly idyllic! Flowers are soothing aren't they? I just added some info to my angel photo today re. the anchor after calling the church. Go take a peek!

isa said...

Cozy spot. Just missing your fotogenic dog ;-)

photowannabe said...

Cozy sit spot. I think our new house will have one of those.
Nice shot.

Chris said...

I love your sit spot - like a little altar to relaxation.
Thanks for your comments on the children's statue on my blog - there'll be another photo from that neighbourhood for the Mother's Day photo on Sunday - be sure to take a look!

Dina said...

nice spot..that would be great for a nice cuppa of tea or coffee and sip it slowly whilst watching the rest of the surroundings

Annie said...

Do you ever invite anyone to sit with you? Or do you prefer to spend your time quietly there, with your own thoughts?

lv2scpbk said...

Makes me feel like sitting down and read a good book.