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Thursday, February 8, 2007

Masonic Hall

The Masonic Hall in Maple Ridge. Taken last summer. This old building was moved to this site over 30 years ago to make way for a mall at its previous location, which was right in the center of town. It remains in a nice central location, but on a quieter street.
This is were my family spends alot of time.
Tonight we where at a spaghetti dinner that our oldest son organized. He had invited two adult organizations to join his youth group for dinner. He asked that attendees make donations for cancer research and he raised over $100. That may not seem like alot but for a handful of boys, i think it is great. To see teenage boys mingling with some quite elderly guests was very nice. One of the boys stood up and recited a talk about how loved and admired their Dad's are. He almost brought his own dad to tears. And a few Moms were dabbing their eyes too!
If your son age 11-19, is looking for a meaningful group of boys to be a part of, Look up DEMOLAY.


photowannabe said...

It does the heart good when I hear positive things about teens and boys in particular. Kudos to them looking beyond themselves to help others.

Ash said...

Very nice image!

Jill said...

Interesting post!