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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Eye to Eye

This one is from my archives.

My nephew Nick, was visiting from Edmonton last summer. We took him for a walk on the local dikes and met up with this horse and rider. There are a lot of horses in these parts and Maple Ridge is affectionately known as Horse Capital of Canada!

Nick looks into the soul of this gentle equine being.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. The relationship between mankind and animals has been established by behaviour for centuries and sometimes that spills out in a kind of trust this photo portrays. I really like it a lot.

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Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

I seem to be having problems with posting comments on my laptop but the desktop is OK.
I see you have horses in the horse capital, we also have horses but I am in the Outhouse Capital
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Anonymous said...

No words needed. The communication goes on without...

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