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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Guiding Hand

My son, (18) working with his Grandfather, my Father-in-Law (74). The firm hand of experience guides the novice carpenter with love and pride.
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Sally said...

That's such a lovely photo, and I read your words on your other site. Yes, indeed, David will treasure those moments. My (13 yr old) son lost his grandad last year - my dad. The last time they saw each other they played chess, which his grandad had taught him, and it was one of the last remaining things he could do. (Must admit I got a tiny bit teary reading your words)

Anonymous said...

I read the story and looked at the photos. It is a good story and the photos are very nice too. The new gate looks great.

So many children and even grandchildren do not really "know" their grandparents. This story is the way those relationships should be.

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Annie said...

An excellent metaphor you provide us today with this photo.

photowannabe said...

This shot is full of emotion. I think hands can be so expresive. Grandpa and grandson pictures are such good memory builders.

Bergson said...

passage of knowledge enters the ages

very beautiful photograph