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Friday, July 20, 2007

Wild Roses

Wild roses grow in abundance along the banks of our dikes. Their sweet fragrance filling the air.
This was taken on a section of dike called Blue Heron Loop. Though there is no heron in this picture, they are frequently seen in this area.


Anonymous said...

You mentioned smelling the roses. I have lost some of my smell senses but I can almost smell this flower. It looks like a very old rose variety.

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alice said...

I do like their naif side. In French, we call them "Eglantine" which is also an old surname.

Neva said...

I love roses and this shot is pretty.

photowannabe said...

Love the wild roses against the blue shaded mountains in the background. Nice shot.

Kalyan Panja said...

WoWWW...lovely scenery. Thats a very beautifully captured shot!

Beetle said...

I'm imagine about the smell now...Nice one! and I love your photo of the mountain with the 2 bicyclers...Very Pretty Scenery!

Kate said...

Great composition! Love the backdrop of the mountain range and the delicate flowers in the foreground. Pretty pastel pink, too.

inspired said...


Marie said...

Beautiful photo. I like your blog. It looks so refreshing.... It is so hot for the moment in Montpellier.

Two years ago, I was supposed to go and teach at a university in Seattle. I could have visited British Columbia. But I turned down the offer, silly me. My back terribly hurt at the time (now it's fine).