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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I'm no astronomy buff. But on my way home this evening, I noticed the moon looked so pretty. I dont know which star that is up in the top left corner. I just wish I had a tripod with me! This was the only clear shot I got, before it dipped into the clouds. Message to self... Put tripod in car!


Anonymous said...

It's a crescent moon and Venus. We haven't had many clear nights, have we!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, dad was out there for a while last night, with camera (on tripod). It was a beautiful night. We have had such beautiful weather since we came home from Seattle, very little sign of flowers blooming, as our nights are still pretty chilly. However, the weeping willows are all in bud, we have lots of crocus and the yellow grass is showing signs of green peeping through. We need a good warm rain to fetch out some colour, however I prefer it to fall overnight!

Dad and I did make a start on the yard yesterday, we got all the cedars trimmed to the same height, about twelve feet. Actually, dad did the chainsaw pruning, I drove the truck so he could stand in it to reach the top branches. We have about eighty cedars, so keep going up and down a ladder is for the birds.

We are currently working on two catering projects for the weekend, so will not be doing much outside work this week. Sylvia and Andrew arrive tonight and Sylvia stays here, so time for a bit of tidying up. Andrew usually stays in the motel and spends most of his time with James. The two brothers just get on so well and I know how much James looks forward to seeing Andrew.

photowannabe said...

Great cresent moon shot. You did superb for no tripod.

Unknown said...

Wonderful shot!

Dina said...

Last night I really wished I had a better camera.... we had a clear sky with the crescent moon and all the stars but did not manage to get a good shot. I should put a nice new slr digital camera for my birthday wish list!!

Mandi said...

Great shot! I saw it too in Tel Aviv but would never have been able to get a pic as clear as yours.

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...


That is Venus, I put a picture of the Moon and Venus on my blog I took a selection of pics, some hand held and some on tripod with the telephoto lens here are the best two of my pics

Rocky Mountain Photo Guy said...

Great pricture... did you do this with a tripod?