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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This Old House

This is our home.
Also known as the ongoing renovation project!
This is what It looked like a couple days ago. Tommorrow Ill post an 'under construction shot".
Notice the little face in the window?


photowannabe said...

You live in a lovely home. Can't wait to see what you are going to to the house.
Ours is in total chaos getting it ready to sell. When we survive the garage sale on Saturday it will be much more smooth sailing from there.

Dsole said...

I see a cute dog there! hahaha, funny he (or she) is like posing for your photo!
This a wonderful house! I'll be back tomorrow to see how's now! ;)

alice said...

Your house is very nice! I'm looking forward to see your post tomorrow.

Dina said...

How cute the dog's face, will be looking to see how it looks tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

you have a nice home. The entrance is really special :)