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Sunday, March 11, 2007


At 2 am the clocks sprang forward an hour. We are now in Daylight Savings Time. This pocket watch belonged to my husbands Uncle, who worked on the railroad.


alice said...

We'll do the same in France, but only at the end of March. I wish you a nice week, Susan.

Dina said...

Even here in Malta we do it later in March!!

Kala said...

speaking of 2 o clock its 1:30 AM here and how time flies even though it really doesnt, it jus seems like it does - nice pocket clock your husband's uncle has!

Andrew said...

clever picture, beautiful watch.

Annie said...

For the last week I've been singing, in my head, the song "I've been working on the railroad". Today I see your railroad watch. I'm singing the song with a rousing emphasis right now - and hopefully I'll now be able to move on to another song in my head.

Best to you.