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Monday, March 12, 2007


Finally. it has stopped raining.

Today we got a fair bit of blue skies.

The downpours of the past few days have left everything soggy and wet.


kuanyin333 said...

Lovely photo!

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

It rained lots when we were in Seattle, but in Oliver no rain.

Dina said...

my kids would simply love that!! They are into wearing their wellies and jump in puddles at the moment, sometimes they forget that they would be wearing normal shoes and jump.

Barbara Doduk said...

it sure did rain a lot. great image.

~tanty~ said...

Nice reflection of the sky on the water.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate black and white these days but I haven't been real happy with the ones I've tried of water. You, however, have done a very nice job with this one. Bravo.

Annie in Little Rock

Anonymous said...

great abstract...well spot wt nice compsotion:-)