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Saturday, December 16, 2006


Part of what I love about where I live is the convenience of being close to all the necessary amenities, yet still being so close to the rural part of town. Many of our local farms have 'heritage' style barns. This is a fairly new barn. I am pleased that they built it in a style in keeping with the existing buildings in the area. Each fall, this farm dows a punpkin patch for the children, complete with petting zoo and hay rides!


Deb said...

A beautiful photo from a beautiful place!

Unknown said...

Even a barn becomes interesting with those mountains in the background. Have you ever been into that area Susan?

Susan said...

Yes, I have been into that area. Nestled up in the Golden Ears Mountains is Alouette Lake. Perhaps soon I will post a photo of that lake for you. Also my eldest son hikes to the peak last year. It is a three day round trip. Tent required. Something I aspire to do.

Kim said...

The red barn, green grounds and those rugged snowy mountains add up to a wonderful, very BC scene! Thank you for your comment today at SDP, and for noticing "the mountain." It is Rainier, which seems a bit of a tame giant compared to the wild looking beauties you've captured here.

Lisi said...


Anonymous said...

Susan, I hope you don't mind but I'm 'borrowing' this photo for my desktop wallpaper. I love pictures of our Golden Ears.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful place. I'm jealous of you people who live in BC. The barn is so well designed and crafted -- I agree with you.