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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

North Pole

A stroll through our local shopping mall brought me upon several winter displays. These little fellas were at the North Pole arrangement. The igloo, polar bears and penguins, are what many people envision when they think of "Cananda". Athough you may see the polar bears in some colder regions, Igloos are becoming scarce. Penguins, I believe, are actually creatures of the South Pole. But they make a lovely addition to this winter scene, which is the only place in Maple Ridge where you will see any of these creatures!

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Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

Hi, this reminds me of a Coka Cola ad where polar bears are playing with penguins, in reality, the polar bear would eat the penguin, if it could catch it.
Penguins can only be found in the southern hemisphere, there used to be a penguin type bird in the North Atlantic, the Great Auk, it became extinct by being boiled down for oil. Boy this Christmas thing is fun.