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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Winter Wonderland?

This shot of the Golden Ears Mountains was taken two weeks ago, when they were freshly coated in snow. Today there is only snow left on the upper levels. I see these peaks from my kitchen window, partially obscured by trees. This photo was taken from a few blocks from my home.

I received a comment from Curly on yesterdays post.
Curly said...
Hi Susan, you have published three or four pictures showing how cold and wintry the weather is in your corner of the world, I have to say that I somewhat envy your position, we haven't had a snowy winter for quite a few years here!

Curly lives in North East England. I should clear up the misconception that we usually have cold snowy winters here, because we normally don't. Most years we might get a dusting if that, which usually melt within a few hours. The day we got this huge delivery of snow, I was off work and went out for four hours taking photos of this anomaly. Needless to say I have loads of wintry photos to share here. As of today, the snow is actually almost gone. Our usual mild rainy winter weather has returned. Very similar to the climate of parts of England actually.

Here is a link to the Maple Ridge Tourism website Climate page. There you will see that we have an average cold season temp of 4c above freezing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed our gift of snow. I am hoping for a little more actually . But don't let on, as most folks around these parts don't care for it, and prefer the milder weather which we are so accustomed to.


Lisi said...

Hi Susan, just want to let u know that I've been looking at your photos and they are very nice!

John said...

Great image, love the way the horse seems to be looking at the camera.

Deb said...

Your capture is absolutely stunning!

Anonymous said...

I'm still envious, I love the snow and by now we should have had some, but it's just been grey and wet with above average temperatures.

Lovely pictures again!

Curly's Photoshop

Nathalie H.D. said...

All right, so snow is exceptional! Too bad, we'd love to see more white stuff, your photos are wonderful. But then fog works well too. Keep going!

angela said...

What a fabulous view. I think I'd spend my days just looking at it