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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Haney Wharf

The old part of town is know as Haney. This is a shot of the wharf along the Fraser River taken at about 9am. There was still a little fog on the river. The damp of the mist made for a nice sparkle on all the surfaces as the sun hit. Every summer, the city hosts jazz & musical nights on the wharf. You can take your lawn chair down and sit with your ice cap in the lazy evening sun and be entertained. Its a real community feel.This wharf lays between the train tracks and the tugs. Always something going on. I enjoy mornings there the best, watching the tugs maneuver through the waves.The train engineers always wave as they toot by.


Jing said...

very beautiful view.
and i am more curious about that Jazz&Musical night view....

shanghai daily photo

Anonymous said...

Looks so clear.