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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gold Dust

In keeping with with the gold theme that seems to be occurring here this week...
The glare of the filament is diffused by a coat of dust. Do you dust your light bulbs regularly!


photowannabe said...

Nice closeup. A very unique composition. i like it.

Ash said...

Beautiful shot

Anonymous said...

You're supposed to dust light bulbs?? LOL

Great photo!

Sue Richards said...


I just found you on someones photoblog roll. I'm not able to take a winter vacation this year so will take a photo blog trip instead - Maple Ridge, B.C. is my second stop!

Blog Guelph

Annie said...

Nope, I rarely dust my lightbulbs.

In fact, I hate dusting!

blueboat said...

Lovely pic. (Anyone who dusts lightbulbs needs their head examining)