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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Maple Ridge WIldlife

Here we have a typical Maple Ridge Teenager. This strain of spiecies is unique to the Maple Ridge area. I was very lucky to capture this shot as they tend to avoid cameras when their hair isnt 'done', Unlike teens in other parts of Canada, The Maple Ridge Teen, perches upside down. Much like its distant cousin the possum. Apparantly, this stance allows for more efficiant flow of blood to the brain and improved digestion also. You will notice the petulant look on the face which says, without need of words, " Whats wrong with me sitting like this?" Have you any unusual wildlife in your neck of the woods?


Annie said...

Yoo hoo from down south. We have oppossoms AND teenagers just like this one.

It's nice to come visit here - I'll be back. Annie

alice said...

I have the same at home...Every Tuesday, he practices kayak...Strange coincidence!